she’s just so cute i couldn’t resist

i feel u on this so much she’s perfect tbh

laurelcastillo replied to your post: why am i so sad all the time

ayyyyy hugs to you many hugs

sigh thank you <3

also your url wtf

why am i so sad all the time

Melanie Martinez

September 19th ‘14


♪ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way 
Oh what fun to k i l l someone and end up in j a i l  

Hanna knows what Hanna means.

the b r i g h t e s t witch of her age


and she’s the most intimidating of the group?

“One day I’ll wake up and be glad I did”
Something I have to keep reminding myself (via clubmonico)

fifth harmony editing challenge || part 2: ally brooke - favorite picture