talk shit (about alison dilaurentis) get hit.

HAIM photographed by Laura Coulson for Nowness

i love you so much it hurts: jenna mcdougall

everyone wants to kiss josh dun.

i’m sorry but why isn’t there a “i have no friends” option

does she?

apparently so… i had NO IDEA because she almost nEVER talks about him


hey did you know lauren jauregui had a boyfriend


Turn offs: private instagrams

our love lies with you, our souls fly with you, amelia.



"We need to switch the way that we talk about women. That’s what I think needs to change. I think sometimes they don’t even know that they’re doing it and that’s the problem. You say the word "feminist" and already, like, you can feel the eye rolls in the room. Like, fuck off, man. Fuck off. It has this crazy negative connotation that I never understood."

Harbour Lights
A Silent Film

Guns for Hands at the APMAs

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